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Nancy Ward and Her Descendants - Two Volume Set

Nancy Ward and Her Descendants - Two Volume Set

by David K. Hampton 
(Actual book price is $125. We have added an additional $4.50 for additional shipping costs. See below ***)
Many years of research have gone in to this material compiled by noted Cherokee genealogist, and President of the Association of the Descendants of Nancy Ward , David K. Hampton. He has included an updated biography of Nancy Ward, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee, as well as genealogy material of descendants of Nancy Ward, up to her fourth great-grandchildren. The book set is dedicated to Becky Hobbs, fifth great granddaughter of Nancy Ward, who has composed and written the musical �Nanyehi: The Story of Nancy Ward�. The cover artwork is done by noted Cherokee Artist, Mary Adair.
This is very important material for any Cherokee genealogy and history researcher.
Hardcover, Published in 2021, 1518 Pages, including Index.
***This set costs more to ship than most books. The cost to ship is $10. We usually charge $5.50 for one book to ship so we have added the extra cost into the price of the book -- an additional $4.50 to cover the cost to ship the set. (Book price $125, Additional shipping cost $4.50 for a price of $129.50. Plus you will be charged the regular $5.50 shipping cost at checkout.)***
Like all of our new online books for sale, this book set is also available at the Talbot Library and Museum, Colcord, Oklahoma.
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