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The Talbot Library & Museum specializes in historical and genealogical research material of Northeast Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas and Cherokee Territory.   As part of that research material, our library also publishes the 

TL&M Genealogy Magazine and is home to the Goingsnake Messenger.  
You may subscribe online to the TL&M Genealogy Magazine and also order back issues of both publications through the Talbot Library & Museum.  

TL&M Genealogy Magazine

Our TL&M Genealogy publication focuses on "preserving a bit of history" through local stories; the history of NE Oklahoma, NW Arkansas, and Cherokee Territory; genealogical records; local obituaries; and much more.

We publish this magazine two times per year. 

You may subscribe to this publication and/or purchase back issues.   


If you wish to donate to Talbot Library & Museum, donations of $30 & more will include a one-year, two-issue subscription to

TL&M Genealogy Magazine.

Subscription / Back Issue Pricing

Subscription - $30/yr - 2 issues per year

Back Issues - $5 to $10 per issue

Subscribe to TL&M Genealogy Magazine
Order TL&M Genealogy Back Issues
Donations of $30 or more to Talbot Library & Museum will include a one-year subscription
 to TL&M Genealogy Magazine
(2 issues per year)

Goingsnake Messenger

Goingsnake Number 2 2013.jpg

The goal of the Goingsnake Messenger publication is to promote the Recounting, Recording, Printing and Preserving of the history of the Goingsnake District area. The Messenger is a treasure trove of history and genealogy not only of the Goingsnake District but of other events and places significant to the District. The Goingsnake Messenger publishes two expanded issues each year.

Back Issue Pricing

Back Issues - $5 to $10 per issue

Subscribe to Goingsnake Messenger

You can receive this publication with a paid annual membership to the

Goingsnake District Heritage Association.

More information on the membership and the Goingsnake Messenger publication can be found at the 

Goingsnake District Heritage Association website.

Order Goingsnake Messenger
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