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Talbot Library and Museum, Colcord, OK
Talbot Library and Museum Book Store, Colcord, OK

Book Store

Inside the Springtown Schoolhouse, Talbot Library and Museum, Colcord, OK
Grace Puffinbarger Memorial Research Area, Talbot Library and Museum


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Talbot Library and Museum has a great bookstore located at 500 S. Colcord Ave. in Colcord, OK! 

Stop by during our business hours and shop in our store. 

(We also offer these books in our online bookstore!)
We offer books detailing

the history of  the Arkansas/Oklahoma/Missouri region of the United States, the Civil War, gangsters and outlaws,

local history, the Trail of Tears and much more! We also offer genealogical information and books including cemetery information, death records, census data and more.


Our main museum building includes artifacts and displays of local history, including kitchen antiques and Cherokee artifacts.  We also have a group of saddles on display, including side saddles and a cavalry saddle.

Our museum also includes other displays/buildings including the beautifully restored Springtown (Arkansas) Schoolhouse with old schoolhouse artifacts & an autographed quilt collection;

the Adair Building, which serves as an antique farm machinery shed; and a Post Office building with Colcord’s original Post Office boxes and window. The two other buildings include a blacksmith shop and a grocery store.
Visit us free of charge.

Donations welcome!

The Talbot Library and Museum specializes in historical and genealogical research material of Northeast Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas and Cherokee Territory.  Our Walkingstick Research Library is home to vast resources that can be utilized for genealogical and historical research.  Some of our collection is unique to our library.   We can help you find materials for your family history and genealogy right here in our library!
Plan to visit or call us to make an appointment.  

Visitors at Talbot Library and Museum, Colcord, OK
Map to Talbot Library and Museum, Colcord, OK
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School Groups & Tours

TLM Hours


The Talbot Library and Museum welcomes school and group tours of our facilities and property.    Read about our bookstore, library, museum and Walkingstick Research Library above.  Lots to see and do!

For school and group tours,

Currently, there is no charge for these tours.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
8:00AM - 4:00PM
(or other days by appointment for research

The Talbot Library and Museum is located in Colcord, Oklahoma.
The library is located about 80 miles east of Tulsa and
7 miles west of the Arkansas border.

Physical Address:
500 South Colcord Avenue
Colcord, Oklahoma 74338

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