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Our Mission

To Preserve "A Bit Of History"

The Talbot Library and Museum in Colcord, Delaware County, Oklahoma was established by Virgil and Avis Talbot in 1987 as a free museum and library available for research of the area and local and Native American history.    The Talbot Library and Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit facility operated by a Board of Trustees.  The Board is dedicated to managing this valuable resource in a professional manner.  

The Talbot Library and Museum is organized to own, possess, and operate the Talbot Library and Museum for the use and benefit of the community, its citizens, and all others who are interested for educational and historical purposes.

The Talbot Library and Museum specializes in historical and genealogical research material of Northeast Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas and Cherokee Territory.   The facility also publishes TL&M Genealogy and is home to the Goingsnake Messenger.  

The Library and Museum operates solely on contributions/donations and sales of Book Store and Gift Shop items.  

Its goal is to "Preserve a Bit of History". 

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