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Records of the Moravians Among the Cherokees-Volume 6

Records of the Moravians Among the Cherokees-Volume 6


Edited by C. Daniel Crews and Richard W. Starbuck. Hardcover, w/dustjacket, 542 pages, including index.

Full Title: Records of the Moravians Among the Cherokees-March to Removal, Part 1, Safe in Ancestral Homeland - 1821-1824 - Volume 6

This is the much anticipated Volume 6 in this wonderful series - so important to any student of Cherokee history and genealogy. This volume opens a new series of Records of the Moravian Among the Cherokees. The series will continue up to 1838 and the tragic Trail of Tears. Volume 6 covers the years 1821-1824, when the Moravians open a second mission station near Oochgeelogy Creek, 30 miles south of Springplace, Georgia, their first station. Confident of its future, the Cherokee Nation meanwhile is building its own civilization with a national capital, legislature, code of law and diplomatic negotiations with Washington. This series uses original diaries,minutes,reports and correspondence to provide a first-hand account of daily life among the Cherokees throughout the nineteenth century. They contain a wealth of genealogy information.

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