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Records of the Moravians Among The Cherokees-Volume 9

Records of the Moravians Among The Cherokees-Volume 9


Edited by Richard W. Starbuck, Cherokee Heritage Press, 2019, publisher.

Full Title: Records of the Moravians Among The Cherokees - March to Removal Part 4 - "They Shall Not Be Forsaken"- 1830-1833 -Volume 9

This  Volume in the series was published in October, 2019.  Volume 9 begins in the time of August, 1830, as Georgia orders all white men in the Cherokee Nation to take an oath of allegiance to the state�s laws or leave the country. �This leads to a year of upheaval, as Georgia Guards sweep the land of white laborers, artisans and especially as Br. Gottlieb Byhan reports, the �Yankee Missionaries� of the American Board in Boston�. This led to the jailing of missionary, Samuel Worcester. The Moravian mission station, Oochgeelogy, near New Echota is lost to �renters�. On New Year�s Day,1833,the Moravian mission of Springplace, is overrun by whites who have �won� it through Georgia�s land lottery in the Cherokee Nation.With this loss, the Moravian�s are forced to move to Tennessee. This book series uses original diaries, minutes, reports, correspondence in Moravian Archives in N.C. to provide a first-hand account of daily life among the Cherokees through the nineteenth century. Hardcover,w/dustcover, 508 pages inc.index,in addition, Documents, Names,Quotes, Etc.

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