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Table of Contents

  • Cover photo, Virgil and Avis Talbot, Virgil honored by OK Historical Society;

  • What Was Happening When, timeline;

  • Virgil Talbot honored as Historian by Oklahoma Historical Society;

  • Election Day During Depression  by Jean Hurt;

  • Cherokee Hummer, newspaper, Kansas IT 1906, transcribed by Teresa Allcorn;

  • Early Benton County Arkansas marriages;

  • A few Ok and I.T. Census Research Aids;

  • Obituary-French G. Lewis;

  • My Story of Siloam Springs, by Rev. C.H. Hatfield;

  • There and Back Again, Arkansas Ozarks, by David McKay Greer

  • Contribution Campaign donations;

  • Memorial donations;

  • Cincinnati Arkansas School memories by Dave Curtis;

  • Friendship Quilts, article and photos by Donna Clark and Grace Puffinbarger;

  • Descendents of James R. Russell by Glenita Guthrie

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