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Volume XXIV, ISSUE #1, 2016

Table of Contents

  • Cover: Nix family 1920’s Sycamore Community, Delaware County, OK

  • My memories of the Nix Family Reunion by Ashley Vann

  • Civil Tragedy-Unionist Family Raided by Both Sides, by Terrell Shields

  • In Collection: early 1900’s Elgin Pocket Watch by Teresa Allcorn

  • In Collection: Official Guide to the Klondyke Country and  Gold Fields of Alaska, book. by Donna Clark

  • Contents of 2015 T.L. & M. Genealogy Magazine issues

  • Responses to 2015 Campaign Donor Fund, by Donna Clark

  • Obituaries: B. Dunlap, R. Hurt, B. Smith, V. Richard, M. Wilmoth, E. Myers

  • Jacob Rapp’s 80th Birthday in 1933 by Mike Rapp

  • A Cincinnati Girl: Politics, Religion and Me by Samantha Barnes Paul

  • The Sweet Potato Dryer by Gary Barnes

  • Christian Sager loses his Claim by Terrel Shields

  • Bond of Loyalty to the United States by Terrel Shields

  • James Nichols 19th Century Home Liniment Recipes by Terrel Shields

  • Seeking Pardon After the War by Terrel Shields

  • Excerpts from “Riding on the Wind”book .by Norman Baer

  • The Grand Old Pioneer Doctor Robert L. Sellers, Westville, OK

  • Doctors of Cincinnati AR by Gary Barnes

  • Scrapbook obits by Lillie Smith

  • Book Reviews

  • Report on Jack & Pat Fletcher program at Talbot’s April 20, 2016

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