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Table of Contents

  • Cover:

    Uncle Rock by Terrel Shields    (Aaron Anderson Van Winkle)

  • Easter Egg hunt photos, April 13, 2017

  • A Mill By Any Other Name, by Terrel Shields

  • Photos of Benton County AR and area Mills

  • Correcting the Record by Terrel Shields  (Jehu Chastain)

  • By Benton Family by Nell Murray

  • Photo of Alice Benton Dedman

  • Stage Robbery near Tahlequah,  June 14, 1894

  • Honor roll of Delaware County Ok World War II Veterans, Part 2, by Teresa Allcorn

  • Thank You, and photos , New Life Ranch Volunteers March, 2017

  • T.L.& M. Genealogy Magazine,Contents of Past Issues, 2016

  • Responses to Donor Campaign Fund, 2016

  • Obits: M. Larmon, L. Lawson, F. Porter, G. Hurt, S. Luttrell, E. Cripps, C. Londagain, M. Linn, J. Partain, L. Kendrick, G. Longcrier, B. Rutherford

  • The Yankees Pay A Visit by Doyle Barnes (Cincinnati AR 1862)

  • A Place Called Harrell by Doyle Barnes, and photos (Harrell Cemetery, Cincinnati AR)

  • Recent Donation to Talbot Library & Museum-Goingsnake Massacre 1872, maps and information, by Walter Krit & Rise Proctor

  • Jayhawking Jennison by Terrel Shields

  • Colcord 3rd Grade visit to Talbot Library & Museum, and photos, April 2017

  • Early Steer Ropers,N.E. Oklahoma, 1947 publication by Donna Clark

  • James Oates Wagon Factory and photos by Catherine “Cat” Hellman

  • Bright Interview, Indian Pioneer Papers-John H. Bright, Westville OK 1937

  • Douthit Interview,Indian Pioneer Papers-James Douthit, 1937

  • Photos-Cherokee Genealogy Conference,Tahlequah,June 2017; Old Settlers Day,Colcord, June 2017

  • Book Reviews by Donna Clark

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