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Table of Contents

  • Cover Photo: January brothers, Lee, Henry,Walter, Bill and Dave

  • January family, by Teresa Allcorn

  • Showcase donated to Talbot’s

  • T.L.&M Genealogy Magazine, Contents of Past Issues,2017,Vol #, Vol.#2

  • The Shacklefords of Kansas,OK ,1995 article by Dan Draper

  • Slab Off Community History, 1997 article by Dan Draper

  • Music,Cincinnati,AR Historical Researchers, by Gary Barnes

  • New Life Ranch,Colcord,OK celebrates 60 Years, by Donna Clark

  • Summers AR School Photo, 1920’s

  • Colcord Riding Club,History and Update, by Donna Clark

  • 23rd Psalm For Genealogists, poem

  • Stone Carving Found on Local Property, Gary Williamson,

  • Clarence Lee “Jim” Downing (artist and sculptor) obituary

  • Responses to Donor Annual Campaign Fund, 2017

  • “Daily Routine for Ages 85 and 90” poem by Jean Hurt

  • Obituaries: Dorothy”Dot”Woods, Frankie Allen, Loretta McMillan, Donna”Jane”Howerton Mickel, Ruby”Rose” Stauber, Dr. Guy W. Logsdon, Patrica Donahoe Richards, Dusty Richards, Carl J.Kindle, Jerry O. Surles, Phyllis D. Earp

  • Inquiry: @ Matthias McGirk from Walt McQuie

  • Adam Lacy, Lacy Cemetery, Westville, OK, by A.D. Lester 1966

  • Descendants of William T. Edgmon by Glenita Guthrie (Edgemon Interview published Issue #2,2017)

  • Historical Factoids about Northeastern Oklahoma & Northwestern Arkansas by Terrel Shields

  • Book Reviews and New Books on the Shelf

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