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Table of Contents

  • Cover: Model of Conklin Hardware Store, Colcord, OK

  • Photos of Easter Egg Hunt, April 19, 2019

  • Conklin Hardware Store, by Betty Conklin, inc .photos

  • Model of Conklin Hardware Store, made by Paul Lantzer

  • Donated by James D. Conklin, inc. photos

  • Mary Dosha Smith by Andrea Squires, genealogy and photos

  • Responses to 2018 Donor Campaign Fund

  • Poems by Virgil Talbot from his book “In the Shadows of the Hills”

  • The Gene Johnson Gang, by Terrel Shields,

  • T.L.& M. Genealogy Magazine, Contents of back issues, 2018

  • Who was Arizona Clark? By Terrel Shields, inc. photos

  • Goingsnake Messenger and T.L.& M. Genealogy publications, Back Issues For Sale

  • Journal-Advance Newspaper,Gentry,Benton County, AR, 1924 articles

    By Teresa Allcorn

  • Life in the Cherokee Nation, reprinted from “The Talbot’s Centuries of Service” 1982 book by Virgil Talbot

  • Westville’s Picnics of Yesteryear, reprinted from The Westville Reporter in 1984 by Virgil Talbot

  • Rodeo Begins Today, 1958 ad from Stilwell OK Democrat

  • Cemeteries, taken from “A History of Lincoln, AR 1884-1994 by Berlene Hilton

  • Some West Family News Items,1905-1914, transcribed from Adair County Democrat by Virgil Talbot

  • Five Tribes Ancestry Conference,Tahlequah,OK Sept.19-21,2019 advertisement

  • Obituraries: Gilbreath, Mooney, Pendergraft, Shackelford

  • 1941 Junior & Senior Class photo, Cincinnati, Arkansas

  • Book Series Review: “Records of the Moravians Among the Cherokees” by Gary White

  • Book Reviews and New Books on the Shelf( Walkingstick Research Library)

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