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Table of Contents

  • Cover: photo of Jack Simmons, Big Rafter Rodeo Company, Colcord, OK

  • National Trail of Tears Assn. Board Members at Talbot’s-Photo

  • Big Rafter Rodeo Company, Jack Simmons Family, Colcord OK and photos

  • Jack Simmons and Sharron Blagg

  • Charles Francis Colcord

  • James Oscar Ramey history and photos by Gayle Campbell

  • Shields Family History by Margaret E. Bradford

  • Contents of Past Issues, T.L. & M. 2022,Vol XXX, Issue #1, 2022

  • History and Facts about Oklahoma by Duane Scott

  • Experiences of Roy & Jean Hendrickson Hurt family during Depression & WW II, by Hank Jenks

  • Responses to Talbot Library and Museum 2022 Donor Campaign

  • The Farmer, poem by Faye Roberts, dedicated to Parker Dean Roberts

  • Obituaries: Asher, Billups, Martin, Griscom, Puffinbarger, Gardner, Washington, Marshall, Roberts, Amos, Gardisser, Babst, Potter

  • Memory of Grace Puffinbarger article

  • Resources at Talbot Library & Museum, Colcord, OK

  • Cherokee Heritage, Sabra Beck family, by Elzie Cherry

  • History Note, May 1998-Jennifer Bateman, Samantha Daugherty-pages for OK State Rep. Larry Adair

  • Anti Horse Thief Assn. (ATHA)framed certificates, charters donated by Fred Bingham/Lex Cannon

  • Fort Wayne-One of a Line of Defensive Forts by Terrell Shields

  • Squeezin’ N Pullin, poem by Virgil Talbot

  • Book Reviews

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