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Table of Contents

  • Cover photo, Eugene Monroe Bartlett; Eugene Monroe Bartlett by Teresa Allcorn;

  • Springtown School Renovation Progress by Donna Clark;

  • Obituaries, Winnie Fern Brown, James Dale Baer;

  • Kansas, Oklahoma 1910 by Donna Clark;

  • John Hyde by Donna Clark

  • Dildine Family by Donna Clark;

  • Westville Record, newspaper 1914, by Teresa Allcorn;

  • There and Back Again, cont’d, by David McKay Greer;

  • Storms Bring High Winds and Tall Tails  by Jean Hurt;

  • Bushyhead Mountain by Terry Rose;

  • Genealogy, William Fuller  by Glenita Guthrie;

  • The Survey- a Change of Attitude by Gary Barnes;

  • Doctors of Gentry, AR, including Dr. Peacock and V. Mayfield Kirby

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