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Table of Contents

  • Cover photo, Sequoyah School, Delaware Co. Ok;

  • Sequoyah School by Teresa Allcorn;

  • Visit from Governor Kerr by Teresa Allcorn

  • Foyle Howerton by Donna Clark;

  • 3rd grade students, Colcord Elementary, visit Talbot;

  • 1872 Letter by Thornton Smith Talbot

  • Obituaries, Elsie Reading, John Henry Carter, Darrel D. Ross, Randy Jeffries, Betty Jeffries Reece, Gene Quarles;

  • “Notes on Transportation”, True West magazine Aug.1973;

  • Talbot’s 20th Anniversary Celebration by Donna Clark;

  • Stories told by the Old Folks by Eugene Gibson;

  • John Russell Genealogy by Glenita Guthrie;

  • Westville Bank robbed 1930;

  • Bargain Books and Brick Project order form

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