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Table of Contents

  • Cover Photo: Joseph Beck’s Masonic Apron,

  • 1860’s, Clear Fork and Mick Dundom by Teresa Allcorn,

  • History of Colcord Gyms, by Donna Clark,

  • True Adventures of Civil War, by Bill Panter,

  • Old Settlers Day & Sam Sixkiller Booksigning by Donna Clark,

  • Obituaries: Chandler”Bub”Gunter, Teddie Maxine Brannan Scott, Leroy Gatewood, Virginia Londagin, Carl W. England, Bessie Cornelison,

  • Goingsnake Meeting,July 2012 by Donna Clark,

  • Joseph Beck’s Masonic Apron by Donna Clark,

  • John David Moore, by Jean Moore

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