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Table of Contents

  • Cover Photo: Cincinnati(AR)United Methodist Church;

  • 1951 Cherokee Assemble at Old Shrine, 1925, Where Missionary Founded Orphanage;

  • Recent Donated Items to Museum(from Sue Parham family). by Donna Clark;

  • Roller Skating by Jean Hurt;

  • Young Farmer Ambushed,John W. Murray;

  • 1908 Colcord, OK;

  • Class of 1932 and Prophecy by Donna Clark;

  • Obituaries: Juanita Hendren, Frances Marie Duncan, Daisy Blagg, Donna Mae Barnes, Linda Bramwell, Doyle Lee Guthrie, Wendell Kirby;

  • Barnes Family Chuckles,Stories and Facts by Gary Barnes;

  • Odd Jobs by Jean Hurt; Henry Covel Holderman by D. Bruce Howell;

  • James Robinson, MD by Glenita Guthrie;

  • Cincinnati United Methodist Church by Glenita Guthrie;

  • Bryant Family Information by Teresa Allcorn;

  • Cherokee Citizens Living in IT, 1840’s by Donna Clark;

  • 1941 Westville News by Glenita Guthrie;

  • American Legion Post 277,Colcord Oklahoma by Donna Clark

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