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Table of Contents

  • Clyde Scranton, A Man at Home With Nature by Teresa Allcorn

  • Six Test Pits Excavated At Turner Cave, Wednesday October 15, 1969

  • Zachariah Baker by Terrel Shields

  • Cincinnati AR Old School Newspaper

  • Did Virgil Talbot Fully Understand What He Began? by Keri Parker

  • Scales Cemetery, Colcord, OK, Delaware County by Martha Scales

  • Think Miracle by Walter Sturdivan

  • The Journal Advance and Gentry Index, Gentry, Benton County, AR, Valentine Party, Friday, February 24, 1922

  • Obituaries Barbara Ann Duncan Huggins, John Oliver "J.O." Thomason, Donnie Dee Kirby, Shirley Ann Wofford, Helen Louise Lacy, Billy "Bill" Earp, Drexel M. Hall, Louise "Louie" Audrey Thomas, Robert Lee Brown, Samantha Kay Paul, Billy Dean Buckley, Thomas Napolitano, Lulu Lee Morris Boggs, Betty Joyce Hess Smith, Carole Ann Richmond

  • Obituary: Emma Jean Hendrickson Hurt

  • How I Fell in Love With Toasty by Jean Hurt

  • It No Fun Getting Old by Jean Hurt

  • Where is Ann's Mill? by Terrel Shields

  • Merry Christmas From Talbot Library & Museum  by Teresa Allcorn

  • Cherokee Holiday

  • Chamberlain School, Delaware County, Oklahoma - Records Donated by Donna Clark

  • Row-Colcord Post Office, Talbot Library and Museum by Donna Clark

  • 1958 Pet Milk Newsletter

  • Snodgrass Genealogy: The Family of James William and Winnie Bradley Snodgrass; Mary Francis Snodgrass; Margaret Jane Snodgrass; John Phillip Snodgrass; Thomas Lafayette Snodgrass; Martha Alice Snodgrass; James William Snodgrass, Jr.;George Washington Snodgrass; Amanda Florence Snodgrass; Winnie Lou Snodgrass; Elnora (Note) Snodgrass; Emma D. Snodgrass; Anna Augusta Snodgrass

  • New Books On The Shelf - Donna Clark

  • Book Reviews, Donna Clark

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