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Table of Contents

  • Cover: photo of Jay Hannah

  • ‘Robbing Banks on Horseback’ 1919-1920, by Terrell Shields

  • “George Ballard, Forgotten Fayetteville (AR) Poet “by J. B. Hogan

  • “In Pursuit of Presidents and Principal Chiefs” by Jay Hannah

  • Ad for Used Books available on Talbot Online Bookstore

  • “Chamberlain Family Genealogy ,Descendants of Francis William Chamberlain”, book donated by Henry Chamberlain family

  • Obituaries: Charles Winn, Larry Griffin, Wayne Denny, Jimmie Williamson, Merrilyn Shelley Martin, Dotty Gage Saegert, Patricia Evans, Ina Mae Smith, Kenneth Crain, Mary Linam Highfill, Patsy Reese Snyder

  • “Unique Antique Quilts on Display at the Talbot Library & Museum” with photos

  • Historical Preservation Award to Talbot’s from Cherokee Nation Community & Cultural Outreach Organization , with photo

  • “The Dusty Richards Research Book Collection” donation, with photos

  • List of books from this Collection added to the Walkingstick Research Library, Talbot Library & Museum

  • Announcement that Donations may now be made on the website,

  • “Lookin’ Back, Fred Mills and Lloyd Mitchell, Community Leaders” by Dan Draper, 1999

  • “An Interesting Item from Talbot Library and Museum Archives, Richard Lee Qualls” book, by Donna B. Clark

  • “Transcription of Richard Lee Qualls book, Part I”, transcribed by Teresa Allcorn

  • “Obituaries and Information on Local Confederate Veterans”=James M. Taylor; Samuel Box; W. M. Brown; Andrew Jackson Callis

  • Book Reviews and New Books on the Shelf

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