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Table of Contents

  • Cover: photo of tombstone of Elizabeth Miller Mann and David S. Mann, Mann Cemetery, Delaware County, OK

  • Grace Puffinbarger Memorial Research area at Talbot Library and Museum, and photos

  • Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC) 90th Anniv. N.E. OK Camps, Indian Division, and Grandpa George Eugene Johnson and photos, By Malia Elizabeth Martin Macken

  • The Family Tree poem by Joe Scraper Jr

  • Cherokee Allotment Certificates, Sarah Fields and Nora Fields, 1905 by Donna Clark & Malia Macken

  • Jennie Lamar, Fairland, OK, Interview, Indian Pioneer History Project, 1937

  • Bird Talk, by Gerald Hurt, and photos of Bob Wofford and Jim Wofford

  • Who Played in the Most Western Movies? By Duane King

  • The Spring Creek MANN Cemetery Preservation & Restoration Fund, Delaware County, OK, & photos

    By Rocky and Connie Carroll

  • Obituaries: Napolitano, Morris, Gentry, Potter, Freels, Woods, Robinson, Snell, Porter, Londagin, Alfrey, Ellis, Byrd, Bud Stinchcomb, Bob Stinchcomb

  • Legacy of “Cherokee Bill”/William Addison Phillips and his contributions to Kansas, the Cherokee Nation and a Young County. By Clinton Hank Jenks, Part 1----- to be continued in next issue.

  • Book Reviews/New Books on Shelf

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