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Table of Contents

  • Cover Photo:  Pension Papers of John Wadigoo,

  • Having a Senior Moment by Jean Hurt,

  • History of Delaware District,

  • Harriet Potter Linn Burgin, by Donna Clark,

  • American Legion Auxiliary, Colcord, OK by Donna Clark,

  • Obituaries: Mary Amos, Lee Foreman, Clara Nichols, Gerald Griscom, Ruth E. Lawrence, Zachary Riley, Richard Tillery, Melvin Gene Fleig, Norman James Linam, Lois M. Elmore;

  • Thompson Cemeteries, #1 & #2, Delaware Co. OK by Mike Freels,

  • Fairmount Facts & Frazzles,

  • John Wadigoo/Parchmeal/Parchcorn by Donna Clark,

  • Downum and Ennis Genealogy, Part 1 by Gene Norris,

  • New Sidewalk Addition, Talbot’s, by Donna Clark

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