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Table of Contents

  • Cover photo, Burbage Hardware,  Row, I.T.;

  • Burbage Family by Donna Clark; Delaware County Ok Merchants 1917

  • Making Effective Use of Genealogy Library by Donna Clark;

  • Westville, First and Last Trains by Terry Rose;

  • Hurt named Miss NSU – by Donna Clark;

  • Turkey Grower’s Lament by Jean Hurt;

  • Westville Record, newspaper, Jan.2, 1914  transcribed by Teresa Allcorn

  • Oak Hill Cemetery, Siloam Springs Arkansas 1908, by Glenita Guthrie;

  • Oak Hill Cemetery corrections by Debbie Olsen;

  • William Nicholas Yates genealogy by Glenita Guthrie;

  • Gypsy Camp lives on (Siloam Springs, AR) by Don Warden;

  • W.E. White Auction, 1917

  • Ice Storm at Talbot Library and Museum, by Donna Clark

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