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"Cherokee Heritage" and "Memories of Beck Prairie School" - Two-Part Book

"Cherokee Heritage" and "Memories of Beck Prairie School" - Two-Part Book

"Cherokee Heritage" by Elzie Cherry and "Memories of Beck Prairie School" by Beryl Spencer Ellis Van Dyke - Two-Part Book
This is a single book in two parts providing memories and history of the Beck Prairie, Delaware County, Oklahoma area, which includes Beck Prairie School.
The first part includes Elzie Cherry�s Cherokee family history. Jeffrey Beck Jr and his wife, Sarah Downing Beck were among the early settlers of this land east of what became Row, Indian Territory, and later Colcord, Delaware County, Oklahoma. He includes the importance of education to the Cherokees and the establishment of schools, mainly Beck Prairie School.
The second part of the book includes Beryl�s Cherokee family connections, Kell and Shackelford. These families all were connected with the Beck Prairie School, in session from 1912 to 1947. Elzie and Beryl�s mothers both attended first grade at the school in 1918-1919. In compiling this book, they have included other students' memories through the years.
Book is 69 pages, including photos, and interesting memories that would be of interest to anyone familiar with this area of Delaware County. The booklet has plastic cover and metal ring binding.
Available at Talbot Library and Museum Bookstore, P.O.Box 349, 500 So.Colcord Ave, Colcord, OK 74338 and online at
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