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Cherokee History and the Spirit Family

Cherokee History and the Spirit Family

By James Neil Barnes; Published in 2023 by University of North Georgia Press.
This is a non-fiction, very interesting book by James Neil Barnes. It is about his own great-great grandmother, Annie Spirit�s life from 1826-1910. The book includes Annie�s grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, children etc. and their lives parallel with the rise and fall of the Cherokee Nation. It contains informative Cherokee history as well as family history.
Annie�s ancestors include Ludovic Grant, Buffalofish, Old Sconti Spirit, Swimmer, Adair, Vann  and associated families. She married Samuel Houston Mayes in 1848 and in later years she married Snell/Snail. Her family settled near Honey Creek, south east of Grove (now Delaware County, OK), and she died there February 20, 1910 at age 86. In her later years, she was known as Grandma Snell. She was honored by the Oklahoma Trail of Tears Association at the Snell Cemetery with a grave marker in October 2017.
Mr. Barnes has done extensive research and the book contains many color and black and white photos, and maps. Also mentioned is Talbot Library and Museum as one of his resources. There are the following sections; Acknowledgements, Notes, Bibliography and Index. It is 488 pages total, paperback.
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