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The Memoirs of Lt. Henry Timberlake

The Memoirs of Lt. Henry Timberlake

by Duane King; Paperback; 216 pages. Full Title: The Memoirs of Lt. Henry Timberlake: The Story of Soldier, Adventurer, & Emissary to the Cherokees 1756-1765
This is the first modern scholarly edition of what is considered the most detailed ethnographic account of Cherokee life in the late 18th century. Timberlake's memoirs describe the months he spent living with the Cherokees then escorting a delegation to London to meet King George III. He provides details of daily life, including ceremonies, games, the role of women, the preparation of food, and the creation of weapons, baskets, and pottery. This edition pairs the original text with extensive footnotes and annotations, a new introduction, index, and more than 100 illustrations, including artifacts, maps, period artwork, and contemporary artwork.
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