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Table of Contents

  • Cover Photo: William Wiley Obadiah Wilson; William Wiley Obadiah Wilson by Teresa Allcorn;

  • TL & M Genealogy Magazine, 2012 List of Contents; 

  • Responses to TL& M Contributions Campaign;

  • Watts, OK Milling Company;

  • Downum and Ennis Genealogy, Part 2 by Gene Norris;

  • Obituaries: Mark Ghormley, Hazel Cantrell, Leonard Woods,Freeman Fletcher, Pearl Joyce Ramsey,James I. Douthit;

  • Cincinnati AR Masonic Lodge, by Glenita Guthrie;

  • Trip to Younger’s Bend by Donna Clark and Teresa Allcorn; 

  • Schedule of  Upcoming Events; Some Odd Jobs by Jean Hurt;

  • Esther Hoyt Ward by Dr Caldeen Gunter;

  • Roller Skating by Jean Hurt; Memories by Gary Barnes

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