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Table of Contents

  • Cover photo: Polly Roughton,Norton Burbage,Myrtle Thompson @1930

  • Anderson-Key

  • American Legion Post #280 by Jay Hannah

  • American Legion Post #277 by Donna Clark

  • July Goingsnake Meeting by Donna Clark

  • Renovated Gasoline Pumps by Donna Clark

  • New Saddle Display by Donna Clark

  • Martin Crittenden, Wilson Brothers, Grace Barnett Bailey,

  • Obituaries: Belva “Polly” Adaline Willis Meade, Elizabeth Elaine Thurman, Dorotha Dottie Potter, Priscilla McGarrah, Betty Starr Barker, Idabell Cherry Chamberlain, J.D.Johnson, Kenneth D. Cantrel, Janna Sue Londagin Baker, Roger C. Kirk= Eulogy.

  • Commemorative Postmark,

  • Colcord, OK-Annual Old Settlers Day 2014

  • The Friends Trace by Terrel Shields

  • Responses to 2013 Annual Campaign Fund

  • T.L. & M. Genealogy Magazine, contents of Volume XXI 2013 Issues

  • 13th Annual Cherokee Ancestry Conference, Tahlequah, OK

  • George P. Ballard’s Cincinnati Connections

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