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Book: "From Nothing--to Something" - Great Addition to the Talbot Walkingstick Research Library

Talbot Lib​rary recently added this book to our Talbot Walkingstick Research Library.  This book is now located in our local history book section at the library in Colcord.  (We are not offering this book for sale, but it is for sale on Amazon)

Resources for the writing of this book include the Row-Colcord History book and Heritage of the Hills, Delaware County, Oklahoma History.

Please stop by and take a look at this latest addition to our Library.

From Nothing-to Something”,  The Vernon Ted McCombs Story  By Lloyd D. McCombs

Mr. McCombs has just recently written and published this book about his father, who grew up in the Colcord, Oklahoma area.  Vernon Ted McCombs later settled in Wichita, Kansas, and became a successful businessman there, through many difficulties. He was born in 1904, died in 1952, at the young age of 48. At one time he also owned a farm near Maysville, in Delaware County, OK, Du Mac Acres, and raised cattle. It was sold after his death. Vernon was the oldest child of Daisy Kirby McCombs Gibby, and was raised in the McCombs family home near Colcord. The book contains many color and black/white photographs and family history of Lloyd D. McCombs.  Also, photos and history of the Du Mac Acres farm are included. He references the Row-Colcord History book and Heritage of the Hills, Delaware County, Oklahoma History book as resources. The book will be a great addition to Talbot’s Walkingstick Research Library, placed in our local history book section. 

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