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Dickson Cemetery Damaged Monuments - View List of Monuments

Many of you may be interested.......This note is from Teresa Parker at the Dickson Cemetery in Gentry, Arkansas. We have attached the list of damaged monuments below her note:

"(Below is)....a list of monuments that were damaged during the tornado at Dickson Cemetery. It is listed in alphabetical order so you can look for your family name(s). As monuments are owned by the family and not the cemetery, the monument companies are asking that you call them directly to have repairs done and we are working with them to keep a list. There are still many families that they have not heard from. If you have questions, you can reach out to me at

or 479-619-5839.

There are about 165 stones that are damaged. We have many older stones from the 1800's and early 1900's that do not have any family left and we are taking donations to help with those. You can donate at or contact us at the phone or email above. 100% of donations go to the upkeep of the cemetery.

There are many more repairs to be done. We are working to get cleaned up enough that we can mow as much as possible, repair the pavilion, repair the sign, clean up trees, etc."

Dickson Cemetery Damaged Monuments 2024 Tornado
Download PDF • 359KB

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