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New! Grace Puffinbarger Memorial Research Area at Talbot Library & Museum

Genealogy Research at Talbot Library and Museum
Grace Puffinbarger Memorial Research Area

The Talbot Library and Museum (TL&M) recently did some re-arranging in the library.  We added file cabinets that contain past issues of the TL&M Genealogy publication and the Goingnake Messenger publication.  We offer these past issues for sale!

To utilize this space well, we decided to put a table top over the file cabinets.  George Davis, husband of our valued employee, Jennifer, created a table top for this area.   This area creates more room for research work and there is bench seating as well.  We also have a copy machine nearby to aid those researching.   (Thank you, George, for your great work on this!)

We have named our new area the Grace Puffinbarger Memorial Research Area in honor of our late longtime employee and Talbot friend, Grace.   She always enjoyed visiting with those who came in to do research and peruse our large collection.  Talbot was a special place for Grace and we think she would have been pleased. 

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